Philippe Van Wolputte
Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces 2005 - 2015

date_from 23/03 — 29/04/2017

Levy.Delval gallery is proud to present Philippe Van Wolputte’s new show:

« Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces 2005 - 2015 ».

Between 2005 and 2015, Philippe Van Wolputte broke open several spaces in the urban landscape that were left vacant and forgotten and made them accessible to the public, until they were once and for all shut down or destroyed. These buildings are typically demolished by developers and city councils as quickly as possible. The rapid measures taken to demolish these unused spaces are a way to exclude everything that is irrational, chaotic and seemingly unreasonable in urban planning. The TPES project draws attention to the existence of these spaces by making them accessible again for a short period of time.

The existence of each new temporary penetrable space in the series was announced through a different method of exhibiting: by word of mouth, by email, an infodesk at a projectspace, a galleryshow, a private viewing, an artfestival, a lecture, via a videowork, a residence programme, a museum exhibition, and finally a publication.

Philippe van Wolputte's installations, interventions and collages show or suggest the possibilities of abandoned, neglected locations which have an important function in the memory and the social landscape of a city and in a way possess a beauty of their own. The artist's interpretation of his experiences in creating his interventions and the intimate manner of viewing these spaces are documented in his photographs, video works and collages. For this exhibition, Van Wolputte collected all his footage on the project and presents a global overview of his long-running project.

Philippe Van Wolputte (1982 Belgium lives and works in Antwerp).
graduated from St Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp 2006 and the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, 2009. In 2013 he won the Young Belgian Art Prize and his work has been shown in numerous international galleries and museums such as BOZAR Brussels, MuHKA Antwerp and Zentrum Paul Klee Bern. Recent shows include: Terra Incognit at Kumu Kunstimuuseum, Tallinn (EST), Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces: Behind The Lines at MuhKa, Antwerp (BE), Vestiges Architecturaux & Vandalisme, Partie II: Non-Lieux at Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris (FR), "Material", group show, Florence Loewy (FR), Fade-Outs at Be-Part, Waregem (BE).