Otherwise and beyond
with Marcel Bascoulard, Mathis Collins, Fernand Desmoulin, Madge Gill, Hazel Hill McCarthy III with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Pierre Molinier, Charlemagne Palestine, Anna Solal

date_from 27/05 — 8/07/2017

Marcel Bascoulard, the tramp and the lady; Charlemagne Palestine and the God Bear; Mathis Collins and the Poulbot; Lady Gaga and the Telepathic Alien Ivy; Madge Gill and Myrninerest; Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Lady Jane; Pierre Molinier and Le Chaman; Fernand Desmoulin and his spirits…

"Otherwise and Beyond" is a pretty crowded group show. Each artist came along with plenty of alter egos or avatars, as much as they can be qualified. "Doubles" may not be the best term to use. It implies a pure replica, a quite systematic reproduction, when here each identity is blurred in its own way. For instance Genesis Beyer P-Orridge becoming one with Lady Jane is maybe quite the opposite of Pierre Molinier’s gallery of shapeshifting genderless creatures. When Charlemagne Palestine worships Teddy Bears, the mass produced totems become mythical again; but when Mathis Collins portrays the epitome of the french artist, it becomes a laughing caricature of parisien waiter.  Becoming someone else isn’t here merely crossing borders, it’s rather melting, multiplying, disorienting identities. It’s rather a matter of intensity than of polarity. 
These artists are either shamen, jesters or psychic. They are sometimes also vagrants, as Marcel Bascoulard. A pretty interesting character, Bascoulard was accurately drawing the streets and the buildings of his city, Bourges, while living in shacks. He enjoyed dressing as a woman in self-made dresses and was taking self-portraits every weeks. Yet he didn’t actually consider the photographs as part of his works. But then why was he so systematic? Life, practice, work: these different fields are blurred. The same ambivalence is at stake with Fernand Desmoulin or Madge Gill. In the field of mediumnic art, can a clear line be drawn between the life and the work? Even more, the very notion of author becomes irrelevant. If Desmoulin was in touch with a variety of spirits, Madge Gill works were dictated to her by a single one, named Myrninerest (My Inner Rest).  

Mainstream entertainment and capitalism tried to appropriate this category of artists, for the best or the worst. Lady Gaga’s image is thriving on such an imagery, trying to be a monster without a clear face or definition. Yet an efficient machine needs a clear function, in order to reach the top of the charts for instance. Anna Solal chose to throw her in a parallel world of depressive weirdness that shows the utter contradiction of such a position. 

This show is maybe addressing the current role imposed to artists: the artist as entrepreneur. Without emitting any moral judgment, what happens when an artist complies with a predefined role or establish standards? The machine without function becomes then fully functional and might lose its symbolical and social power to transform. The plasticity of the artists' role in the society cannot be confused with the adaptability of his/her/their workforce in a global world.

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