Levy Delval @ Los Angeles

date_from 26/09 — 1/11/2014

John Roebas "short-timing the dawn"
Spencer Longo "POV ECO GOD"

nine hours 
have gone by 
and time 
has since 
been abstracted 
but that's just money 
to some 
and now 
this is just tiresome 
but in the earlier hours 
you can go in and out 
and in and out 
and the best ideas 
are realized retroactively 
hey i said look at me 
this can be whatever 
you want to make of it 
but hey i say 
let's live and die together 
here in los angeles

Keith J. Varadi
August 2014
Los Angeles

Opening: Friday, September 26 / 6 PM — 9 PM
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Friday, October 3 at 7 PM
An Evening of Poetry with Andrew Choate, Joseph Mosconi, and Keith J. Varadi

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