Jeff Baij / Jeanette Hayes / Michael Manning
New Drawings

date_from 22/01 — 7/03/2015

« Drawing, or in its most rudimentary form, mark making, is the oldest form of expression. The drawings in the show aren’t very old though, I mean they were probably made about a month ago, so they are very recent drawings, that’s why we called the show ‘New Drawings’ »


Jeff Baij’s pieces bring his obsession with amateurism and defaults into the physical by combining standard 8.5 x 11 printer paper with craft supply decals to resemble the pages of a middle aged aunt’s scrapbook.

In pencil, Hayes has meticulously rendered figurative blended smoothies of contemporary mannerist compositions built with the iconography of the Internet and its collapsed cultural signifiers. Yet, she steps out of her usual virtuoso touch for a moment, to embrace a rougher style, keeping mistakes and hesitations.

Manning uses a touch screen interface and stock software stickers to test the possibility of creating expressive works within the confines of a limited technical system.

The show is built as a collaborative act, The artists have neither distorted nor appropriated general use tools and techniques; they are fully embracing them for what they are, taking into account their limitations and aesthetic.