Cheryl Donegan
Levy.Delval at The Pit Presents, Los Angeles

date_from 3/03 — 13/04/2019

"Enchanted Samples"

opening March 3 from 4 to 7PM

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Preceded by a series of large-scale institutional shows at the New Museum, Zuricher Kunsthalle,
Aspen Art Museum, and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, « Enchanted Samples » emphasizes
the more intimate and craft-related dimensions of Cheryl Donegan’s work. The production
process of the lush, light boxes created for her recent intervention at Missoni's New York shop
was paralleled by intense research into drawing, print-making and book binding. Her interest in
craft has two origins: it recalls of tasks traditionally assigned to women, as well as the tools and
methods employed by the punk sub-cultures–especially in the D.I.Y. production and self-publication
of zines. Donegan's Mash project, with British artist Owen Piper (who has previously collaborated
with Lili Reynaud-Dewar), which took place at Downstairs Projects, New York, is the most recent
example of how her practice seeks to exist outside of cannons dictated by the art market –printed
t-shirts, posters, and zines comprised the core of the presentation. Later the same year, she took
part to the famous Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market.
For the third installment of The Pit Presents, a program in which the LA based gallery hosts another
gallery in their space, Cheryl Donegan and Levy.Delval will present new works that synthesizes her
most recent experiments with printed fabrics and garments along side works on paper and canvases,
challenging the dominant categories that define the artwork’s essence.

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The Pit
918 Ruberta Avenue
Glendale, California 91201
(cross street Sand Fernando Road)