Adam Cruces

date_from 19/03 — 18/04/2015

1. March 19th is the 79th day of the year. T / F

2. The tyrannosaurus rex was closer to seeing the modern human than the stegosaurus. T / F

3. Frank Mars, who created the Snickers chocolate bar in 1930, named the candy after his favorite horse. T / F

4. Extension cords that have been damage or overloaded are the cause of 74% of structure fires. T / F      

5. Pinocchio could have only lied 13 times before the length and weight of  his nose would have broke his neck. T / F      

6. The audio jack is the oldest electrical connector still in use. T / F      

7. In 1986 the original Manneken Pis figure was borrowed from the city of Brussels to be featured in a scene from The Money Pit starring Tom Hanks. T / F

8. Mathematically, there are only 17 possible two-dimensional geometric patterns. T / F

9. All water on Earth originated purely from comets. T / F

10. This statement is not true. T / F